How to Help Us

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Benefits for individuals / organizations that support the Fundación Mundo Mejor

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As a responsible, sensitive and solid organization that has the capacity to help others.

Tax Deduction

Certificate issued by the Fundación Mundo Mejor that makes your contribution tax deductible, for both financial or in-kind donations.

Contribute to your social responsibility

Demonstrates to your partners and stockholders the responsibility and transparency with which you invest part of your earnings.

Appearance on our list of benefactors

You will included on this list, published on our website and in our newsletters.

Invitation to Awareness Raising Workshops

Workshops for organizations and companies in the area of corporate social responsibility.


Inclusion in the benefactors’ database to develop networks in your area of business.

If you want to help us, please write to: and tell us how you would like to do it. We need your support!

Sponsorship Plan

With a monthly contribution, those who sponsor a child contribute to their process of integrated attention that is provided by their enrolment in the Luz de Media Luna Educational Centre.  + info


Vouchers of Love

Vouchers for restaurants and department stores with the goal of raising awareness among your clients that with their contribution, they can support the Early Childhood Care program. For more information, email:

Social Conscience Seal

This is a seal that can be put on a product or a service of a company to highlight their support of the Foundation and their social responsibility to their clients. For more information, email:

Corporate Responsibility program

With their location in shops, department stores and support from their clients, these companies obtain valuable support for our Early Childhood Care program. For more information, email:

Volunteer Program

These are individuals who are interested in supporting the Foundation’s different programs. “Volunteer Program”.

In-kind Donations

These are contributions of non-perishable food items, clothes, toys and learning materials that are donated to the Foundation’s different programs.For more information, email:

Economic Donation

This is a financial contribution that supports the programs and projects implemented by the Foundation. These donations can be made through our Savings Account with Bancolombia #10332654560 in the name of the Fundación Mundo Mejor. For more information, email:

To make a donation through our website, click here.