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Over the period of a week, the area of food and nutrition was a focus of activities in the Fundación Mundo Mejor. The teaching staff taught children about how to look after their food, making sure it was hygienic and healthy and also the importance of sharing it with others. One of the activities was to make a fruit salad so the children could find out more about fruits and their benefits. Once they had finished eating, the children discovered there was some food left over and the teacher asked them if they wanted to have seconds. Kevin responded, “no, the best thing is to give it to our mothers”, demonstrating how important it is to share what we have.

One day, one of the girls who attends the Foundation told us that her little sister had a very difficult homework task and that her older sister didn’t want to help her do it. The middle sister, seeing this situation told her older sister “you should help her because we are all God’s children”.

An activity was being held with children in which they prepared food for the group. When they were eating, one of the children said that he didn’t want any more. One of the other students, Maicol, told this boy that he should finish his meal because their classmates had prepared the food with a lot of love, demonstrating the importance of loving and valuing others.